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Simon Kodurand Violins


fine antique & contemporary stringed instruments


Any string player looking to purchase a new instrument or bow will be aware that it is a decision not to be rushed or taken lightly.  The prices of stringed instruments are higher now than they have ever been and with a shortage of good quality pernambuco the price of fine antique bows is also on the increase.

A good violin or bow needs to be regarded as more than just a 'tool of the trade' as the right instrument could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

All our instruments are carefully chosen to ensure that their sound, workmanship and authenticity are of the highest quality.

Simon Kodurand

Simon's role as both performer and collector gives him unique exposure to a wide variety of musicians and clients, from early music ensembles to symphony orchestras, and amateurs to professional soloists.



Alongside instrument sales we also offer a consultation service for those who may be seeking advice or simply a second opinion on the purchase or sale of an antique instrument or bow.


"A reliable bow is to a violinist what a breath is for a vocalist, so I was very glad that Simon helped me finding such a lovely one when I was in need."   -    Cecilia Bernadini, Modern and baroque violinist, Leader of the Dunedin Consort

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Simon Kodurand Violins Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales, company no: 9706952

Registered office: Park Lodge, 170 Main Road, Cleeve, Bristol, BS49 4PP


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